About project

About the project Anastasia Kholdakovskaya, the creator of the cultural and news portal “Otclick”:

All the conscious life I tried to get rid of routine, preferring new impressions and positive emotions. That's why the morning began with pleasant and useful things such as a cup of fragrant coffee and a good book.

Once I decided to "begin" not with books, but with good news. I hoped that in the informational flow I would find a lot of bright and useful news. But there were not! From the news sites, I poured myself some "black news". And none of my friends could tell where to find the good ones. Then I realized that there is an emptiness in the world which needs to be filled, and I can do it.

So this way space "Otclick" appeared, where you can find announcements about bright events, interviews with interesting people and good news. Everything that makes mood better, inspires you to go forward and achieve success. We invite you to be our guest on the portal pages!