«Otclick» is one of the young informational portals of Odessa, it has already gained a large target audience, which becomes wider every day, because our news does not contain negative information, it’s not politicized, but, at the same time, it is rather informative.
Today «Otclick» is a few thousand unique visitors.  The reader’s age is different; it varies from scholarship to old age, mostly students, businessmen and all those who are interested in literature novelties, art, cinema and entertainment world. And this, as you know, is a third of the planet's inhabitants.
Last year, our site «Otclick» was successfully developing. Recently a complete reconstruction and optimization of the site for any mobile device was held, which means that over time the number of our readers will increase exponentially.
You can view our site not only in Russian and Ukrainian, but also in English (and over time also it is going to be in Italian, Spanish and French, and perhaps in Chinese). Therefore, we invite foreign partners and investors to cooperate with us!
Advertising on our website is not just noticeable: the logos of our partners are placed on the mane page, which immediately attracts attention and your advertising is remembered on a subconscious level.
«Otclick», in spite of its young age, already has the authority. Our site is known and loved, because we offer cooperation only to good faith partners that have earned the clients’ trust and competitors’ respect. Your advertising on our site – it is not just profitable, it is prestigious!
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We are focused on the long-term cooperation.
Remember! For our partners there are a number of flexible discounts and pleasant bonuses: other kinds of informational services and placing of informational messages.
Our journalists will be able to advertise your company, product or service and convey the information about you to the readers at the proper level. Also they can help to create and post a photo or video report about a memorable event of your company.
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