I want the music to unite people 

Светлана Тарабарова
10:11, 29 November 2018

Svetlana Tarabarova, the ex-participating of the «Real O» group, young but rather famous singer visited Odessa recently.

Svetlana told us about where she takes the inspiration from and shared the reasons why she could not live at the time of the Renaissance.

How old were you when it was the first time that you wrote a song?

– I was around 9 or 12 years old, I could not tell definitely. I remember, then there still a tape recorder that had just two buttons: red «Rec» and «Play». I charged extra and wrote down the text in order not to forget. I had many cartridges with my records.

It’s interesting to know did you have an idol that you wanted to resemble on in the childhood?

– No, there were no idols. I loved many but I never wanted to resemble someone special.

Do you believe in mysticism, owing to a word?

– Yes, I  do. I was even fond of various mystical knowledge. At one period of my life, for example, I was fond in numerology and ayurveda. And over the time when I began to be engaged in spirituality, I noticed that this knowledge helped me to change myself. But also music which I create. To be concrete there were several moments in my life which broke my heart. My lyrics was devoted only to one subject. A simple example is the name of songs: «My love does not concern you» or «Killed, did not leave». I was ill in the texts. But I understood that the final feeling is sadness. When I changed the power in myself at this direction, more positive motives began to sound in my music.

Also «The winged love» went out?

– Yes! I wrote it, by the way, in your city during Odessa Film Festival. I sat down on a rug in Muzkomediya to rest during the breaks between the movies. I remember that I was very tired, I looked around and it became very sad to me. All the couples went around and I was the only one that day. I still watched the arthouse movie, I do not remember how it was called but suddenly I was struck: «Stop! Where do I go? It is time to attract love!» And I wrote the song directly there, then I ran to home at once, to write down the demoversions. 

And did this song become a soundtrack to the movie «Love in the Big City»…

– Yes. I went to a meeting with friends after viewings of movies in Muzkomediya in the evening and I allowed them to listen to the new song and they told me: It is a soundtrack to the movie «Love in the Big City». And I answered them: «Where I am and where is a soundtrack?» They answered: «Here you have a  Facebook, here is  Maryus Weisberg, write to him». I laughed at them and wrote him for fun. He answered me in half an hour literally: «Class. It is pleasant to me». We signed all contracts in a month.

How long do you write a new song?

– Not long, I write the song during a night usually.

You do not imagine the day/life without…

– Day – without music, life – without health. There was also no day that I did not practise music. Even when I miss rehearsals, I listen to music all the same, I analyze novelties. I remember a state when you are ill, you want nothing, and as for me I’m healthy and I want to do something, to create.

What music do you listen now?

– I like to open something new for myself. I like songs by Jesse Weir, Sam Smith. I still listen to them long time ago when no one did not know about them. I adore Billie Holiday, this Is the only jazz singer whose songsdo not bother. I listened to her for seven years and I think, I will listen to her all my life. I liked a latest album of the «Yu That» group, I like to listen to Beyonce.

Do you love poetry? What are the closest poets to you?

– There are  lots of favourites, but I allocate nobody. The same for me is with the directors. The day before yesterday I read Ivan Franko «Kamenyar» to the parents.  When I read this work, I created feeling that I looked in the book of prophecies. It was written in 1820, could you imagine? And I’ve read Pushkin couple of days ago, he has a tremendous love lyrics. 

And, what is the latest book you’ve read,  in general?

– It was couple of days ago, the book by Jack London «White Fang». While I read it, I had such an impression that all characters are alive. And not each writer can write so. I do not read the book if I feel that it is not pleasant to me. Many world classics just don’t come with me, by the way.

What season do you love and why?

– I love summer and early fall «Indian summer». Summer is on the first place for me because it is possible to walk in the evenings and not to look at time. In winter, I took a walk for  half an hour and I froze. On the second place is fall because everything around is beautiful and you put on new beautiful footwear.

If you had an opportunity to get acquainted with any historic figure and to talk to someone who would be that one and what will you ask him?

– All people who are interesting for me are alive generally. Probably, I would meet Shevchenko, and would ask him about kobza players, everything, about this culture. It is very interesting to me. It would be Charlie Chaplin. In fact, the person who began to shoot films in the western culture. I would ask what came to his mind to realize his ideas. Though, probably, I just would fall into a stupor if I would meet Margaret Thatcher surely.

What is the historical era the closest to you?

– I do not even know. In each life is hard in its own way. For example, I could not wear what was worn in the Renaissance. And I wouldn’t want to be a Neanderthal: living in a cave and inventing that everything is difficult. In the Roman Empire is also not very nice. Although everything was bright and colorful before but too hard. I would never trade my life.

If you could wake up in the body of any singer who you would choose?

– Attu James, is a singer and musician. I would wake up in her body and would sing from the morning till evening, because her voice heals. I was so upset a couple of years ago when she died, even though she was about 84 years old.

How do you imagine your viewers?

– I want them to be bright people: good and kind that don’t have even a bit of anger or envy. I would like my spectator to come to rest soulfully at the concert, and that people of different ages would come, speak, with the whole family. I would even make special series for the elderly. I want that the music unites people, like people of all ages, not divide them.

If you were not a singer, who would you become...

– Probably I would be a teacher, a music teacher. I love children, I like to tell them something, I would love to teach.

Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis

Светлана Тарабарова
Светлана Тарабарова
Светлана Тарабарова