Светлана Тарабарова
10:11, 29 November 2018

We managed to communicate to the author and the performer of a hit «We Trust in Love” – Svetlana Tarabarova this summer.

She told our readers about conditions that she considers are the best for creativity and that endures failures for the singer.
It’s interesting to know, what was the most unusual scene that you had to act on?
– It was in the city of Mariupol quite recently. There was a playground on the seashore and the dug-over entrenchments near it. Officers and all city organizations protect the sea and live in sand, so it is not visible from their sea. The entrenchments which passed through the playground were shocking for me.. It is as a photo of our reality. When we arrived to them with volunteers, they were in the territory and sat with automatic machines and in bullet-proof vests in full readiness. Unfortunately, it was the most unusual scene for me. The only thing that was pleasant when we finished a concert that they thanked us because it became easier for them as they had a silly confidence that nobody forgot about them, and wait for them at home. 
What conditions are the best for creativity? 
– The piece in the country.
What musical instrument you can’t play but always wanted to learn to?
– I wanted to learn to play the guitar. I have a beautiful acoustic guitar of Yamaha. I bought it and even employed the teacher but this skill wasn’t developed till this day. I’m just able to play some chords at the present. I learned to play on the «ukulele» about a year ago. It is such small guitarre. I can even play some songs on it. Besides, I dream to learn to play some wind instrument. I would like to learn to play on some unusual tool, for example, «huzul» – a pipe or a harmonica which I am already able to play a little. 
With who of musicians would you like to jam? (Jam – spontaneous general improvisation)
– I would dream to get to the time machine and to leave in the 70-80th, to jam with Meyzi Starr, for example. I was fond of style of drim-bottoms recently. It was advised by my nephew, he is a skeyborder and listens to this music. Watching the nephew, I was convinced again that music enriches, probably brings up, and even pushes you to something, to your real appointment in life. I can tell with confidence that my nephew was created by music. I would like to play with Bob Marley also. There are rest and piece in him which allow to hear everything. We are all in a hurry all the time and we pass trifles which make our life. I would like jam very much with Guns N'Roses and many others, from the same genre, for example.
Do you have an unrealized creative dream? 
– Of course, one million of them. I am insatiable at this point, I accuse myself with the fact that I know so little at this moment.
What are the failures that unsettle you or mobilize on the contrary?
– I do not know how I came to it, by myself or someone pushed me but for the last few years I learned to perceive problems absolutely differently. We receive some tasks from daily life and we have two options to solve them.What happens at first? At first we’re slow, we are upset and then we pass to a solution. So, I decided to pass the first part and at once to start to resolve actual problems. It is so easier for me. You cannot change what has already happened. The task is to solve it the problem.
What would you like to change in the past?
– If you asked me this question recently, I precisely would tell that I would like to change, one point. However I understand today that I want to change nothing. If any events in the past did not take place, then there would be nothing that I have at the moment.
What question would you like to answer but no one did it before?
 – I would like to answer a question: «How everything occurs in this life?». To be honest, I can still ask very silly questions, for example: «Why are we so quite sitting at this table?», «Why does this tree grow in this way?», «Why do people construct the machines?». Or, for example, about an Internet. It was explained for me one thousand times that there are some lines, cables, however I still do not understand how it works. How can people come to Skype from other end of the planet, and I can see them? It seems to me that it is some kind of magic. Does someone operate all this?
How do you consider, which is the book, the movie, the song that everyone has to know?
– I did not read yet, but I want to read very much «Six hats of thinking» by Edward de Bono. Or, for example, book «Note of the city neurotic» by Woody Allen . I want to be engaged in self-development recently. As for the movie, I can advise easily, but such movie which brings back the hope. It is called «At least once in life». It is modern history of the girl musician. If to speak about songs, it is «Scream» by Paolo Nutini.
Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis