Kaleidoscope of epoches at the stage of the Ukrainian Theater

Kaleidoscope of epoches at the stage of the Ukrainian Theater
09:07, 25 July 2018

Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after. V. Vasilko is working at the building of Sibiryakov Theater. 

The building built in 1903 at the expense of A.I.Sibiryakov, the entrepreneur of the Odessa City Theater, is one of the attractions of the city’s cultural life. Alexander Illyadorovich’s lifelong dream was the establishing of his own theater for the Russian drama troupe, which then hadn’t its permanent scene in the city. The whole century has passed before Sibiryakov's dream came true. These days, in the building of the Odessa Ukrainian Theater, regular performances are held. The last Saturday of January was not an exception.
On the 28th of January, this stage performed a musical-plastic play «About love ... without words». The authors of the libretto are Tatiana Borisova and Alexander Pletnev. Director: Tatyana Borisova, a well-known choreographer and producer, working with the Ukrainian Drama Troupe not the first time. In 2001, she staged dance numbers for the play «Princess Brambilla» by E. T. A. Hoffmann (directed by G. Matskyavichius).
When it comes to love, any words truly become superfluous. This can be seen again during the performance «About love ... without words». The action takes place on a dancefloor in a city park. Such a dancefloor can be found in any city on the territory of the post-Soviet space. Due to this, the play is especially close to people who grew up and lived in the Soviet Union, and is cognitive for people born after its collapse.
The scene shows life and love story of ordinary people of different generations, or it can be even said – of different epochs that have passed through one dance floor. Despite the fact that the place remains the same, the people, their traditions, tastes, customs and style change.
This dancefloor sees the people of the pre-war period, with their customs and the way of life and thinking, their world perception and attitude; and the people of the military generation with their pain, hardships and worries; the bright and enchanting dandies, as well as the representatives of the last century dashing 90-ies. For a short period of time – a little more than an hour – the viewers are experiencing different historical times, and get acquainted with the past century in all its diversity.
Probably due to the lack of words a special unity with the time that is shown at a certain moment on the stage appears. Because what happens on the stage, at one time or another, cannot be understood by words – it can only be felt.
The successful musical design of the play convinces especially strongly. Thanks to popular songs and melodies of the past decades, a complete immersion in the epoch of that time appears. The work of stage designers and stage dressers was also decent. The visual imaging completely reflected the atmosphere of certain time. The plasticity and dynamics of the love stories are literally breathtaking.
The play «About love ... without words» is a literary kaleidoscope of different eras, replacing each other in an amazing way, as the colored pages of a glossy magazine. This fascinating filled with feelings journey from the past to the present, will not remain anyone indifferent.
Author: Anastasia Kholdakovskaya  
Translator: Svetlana Fedoruk