Last time she sang out of tune when she was 9 years old

Светлана Тарабарова
06:11, 25 November 2018

Svetlana Tarabarova admitted that she sang out of tune when she was 9 y.o. 

Today we managed to communicate with her and we were personally convinced not only in her optimism but we learnt also how her everyday life passes.

How do you manage depressions and whether they are peculiar to you? 

– Yes, they are. My mood changes 300 times per day but there is no aggression. no one get offended by me if I am upset. I don’t transmit negative vibes, just sit down very quietly and cry. I am a very impressionable and emotional person like my mother and I understand that I am all in that. I can be upset even because the leaflet on a tree is broken or when I see the animal that was brought down on the highway. I could think more for half an hour about it then. «A poor animal was brought down by the car», – without saying about people. I entered into the team of volunteers recently who raise money for cancer patients – children, and I do reposts on the page in order to raise more money. I also help with social networks. I collected 15 thousand hryvnias for sick children at my concert in Lutsk on the device.

What is the music playing in your player now?

– I downloaded the best of Ella Fitzgerald 3 days ago  and I liked this music because I am a little tired already. Now the equator of a tour, the 13th concert – big moving and only an easy soul or jazz can bring me around. I listened to an album «One in a Canoe» last week. It is a very abrupt album, a disklouzher «Caracal» is an electronic music. I’ve already heard Rihanna’s latest album, It is my favourite group I know already most of their songs by heart.

What would you advise to the musician/performer?

– I’m not an expert to advise. There is a secret in your life that if you want to live, there are no barriers on your way then. As soon as you knock, the door opens for you, so try and work, work, work, – probably this is the secret of a success. It dosn’t happen in this way: if you’re devoted to the business. If you’re doing it for 150 thousand hours, then for 151 hour you will be a pro. The main thing is an assiduity, commitment and work. There are millions of ideas, but there is an issue to fulfill all of them.

What memories could you share with me?

– I remember the moment: I stood on the stage when I was 9 years old. At the first competition there was a contribution of more then 10  hryvnias and it was difficult to find these 10 hryvnias for my family. Then the teacher paid for me. I won and when I sang I was out of tune because of the emotions. So, I thought: «When I will grow up, I will never be false». And, really, since then you can listen to our live concerts, we try so much. Since that time I wasn’t out of tune, I was just overnervous that time, it happens, especially to the children. But anyway I won the first place. I still remember that song, it was called «Business was in Carolina».

Which feature of your character are you proud of?

– My mentor says that the arrogance is a sin. Therefore I am proud of nothing. If there are any pluses, I notice them and I try to improve them even more. It seems to me that my counter is openness.

For example, I cannot approach to a person and  tell: «Hello! You look great». I tell it with all my heart. Some people are afraid even to start talking to somebody because they are afraid of what they will think of them.

Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis