Олег Скрипка
10:11, 29 November 2018

Oleg Skripka, the Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist musician, visited. Оur city with a concert recently.

Today the leader of the band «Vopli Vidopliassova» gave an exclusive interview to the cultural portal «Response». There are turning points In any business. 

What were them for you?

– There was a moment more transitional then critical. How often we tell something and it occurs. And  then the quantity turns into the quality. Life or career changes in the relation to something. It was such an important decision to practise music professionally. At first I played for own pleasure and I didn’t think that it will become a business of my life. Then it happened that the structure of a band also has been changed, the guitarist left. Initially it was the general creative project, but at some point I needed to make the decision and to undertake responsibility for the band. I’ve made such a decision. But at the same time I was engaged in solo career and began to perform with solo concerts.

What would you change in the show business, so the actors could live in more simple and cheerful way?

– I would rise a question about the possibility to perform in the country music halls for domestic actors, or about some preferential quotations or to be free of charge, in general. At present, the state halls expose free market prices for rent and many actors cannot afford it, especially it happens to those who plays interesting and extraordinary music. A certain strategy of the state is necessary. I consider that if the competent cultural policy will exist, there will be less aggression. in society.

Do you listen to a new singers? Do you remember someone special from the recent time?

– To be honest, I don’t listen enough musi. But I want to tell: the most of music that is considered to be new now in our country, is already quite old in the West: funk, India, dip-house or something else. Marketing technologies have a strong impact on the musical market at a present moment. There are new actors and new music which is competently promoted and it seems the real discovering for the majority. But all the same the emotion, the idea and innovation still to be the main thing in music. I wait when Ukraine gives to the world something that has been never known before.

Do you pay a lot of attention to the scenic scenery and other technical aspects of the tours?

– The serious large-scale show  a scenery was on our anniversary concert devoted to the 30 anniversary of a band. But it was in our hometown. It is not favorable to carry with us a big scenery across Ukraine economically. We can just transport some tools sometimes. And if we fly to European tours or across the ocean, unfortunately, only the «vidzheing» is possible. We also take  guitars, a bayan, a charisma and jam with ourselves.

How do you consider popularity is a result of persistent work or luck in present time? 

– It depends of course, on the quality of creative material but first of all, on competent public relations.

Whether there are moments when you were abandoned by inspiration or you lost a self-confidence?

– Likely, I am a person of constancy but an  impulsive one. The muse comes and then leaves. I should sit down and  finish the arrangements. Sometimes, probably, there is a  fatigue. So, there are no power, no energy. It is also necessary to have a rest and everything will go away then. As for me, it works in this way.

Do you have a motto / a mission statement?

– To live and work for people, for my beloved ones. 

How can you characterize yourself briefly?

– Energetic, inspired.

What are the greatest values for you?

– It is the relationship with people. We live among people and for people. The relationships that we have in life are very important for us. Good relationship helps us to live and move forward.

What do you consider is your greatest experience?

– The experience that I gained in France. Then I worked at studio and recorded an album «MUZ_KA» which is 20 years old this year. We celebrated it with «VV» big concert among the friends and fans on November 11 in KPI.

So, returning to «MUZ_KE», I could not achieve the sound that I wanted in any given way. The producer whom I worked with gave a very important advice to me. He told: «Here you want to achieve something, and you press, so you do it mechanically. You should achieve this sound in yourself at first, to hear it in  the heart». It was a very thin advise but I managed it. It was a very important and serious information for me. Next day everything went so easily with me that we quickly finished an album. Then, I understood accurately one thing for myself: everything needs to be done with ease. Here, for example, today I swam with dolphins, and they are such strong animals but they do everything so softly, pleasantly, they treat you with such  an attention. I try to give such energy when I work now.
Here is to your attention the video with Oleg Skripki's record.
Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis