Филипп Левшин
10:11, 29 November 2018

Philip Levshin – the author of songs, the composer, the singer, the conducter of the show «FACULTY OF PHILOLOGY» in the past , «Fashion Levshin» and «Feshn Phil»...

The young performer and the TV host who became scandalously famous on the H-factor program thanks to a quarrel with jury, shared the dreams, plans and heavy memories from the childhood with us.
 Philip, as far as I know you was an excellent student at school.  Why did you start to be engaged in show business?
– The matter is that I always differed from the others considering myself like a «black sheep». I did not do what everyone does from the childhood. The opinion of the majority did not influence on me. Here, for example: all the crowd decided what they would do and where to go, and I was not conducted in it. That’s why all hated me in the childhood. A lot of things of this kind were explained to me by Nietzsche's philosophy. He allocated concepts of the superman and will power, and said that Will can suppress the superman due to the quantity because there is a lot of will and superhuman units all them. So, it happened also to me. I wanted to become a famous actor and to be loved by the whole country, even the whole world. I considered myself like the worst. The fairy tale «Ugly duckling» is about me. However, time has come, and I look at all my schoolmates «grief, trouble», and I'm fine.
 By the way, what was your favourite subject and what was the one that you did not understand?
– They were humanitarian objects generally: Ukrainian, Russian and history. I am an expert here in humanitarian disciplines! But as I was an excellent student, so it was necessary for me to know everything.
 I did not understand chemistry and physics. It was necessary to go on cunning: when it was an exam in chemistry, I pretended that I am ill, and quit, and then brought to the teacher the handwritten paper. She could not refuse me, I worked on a subject. But with physics it was even more interesting, as I understood nothing. I wrote tests very well at the lessons. The teacher was always surprised how it turned out. Actually, I found the textbook from which our teacher gave us tasks on control and before the control I solved all four options, so I just got a paper with solved options on control.
Did you participate in amateur performances at school?
– Yes, I did. I played major roles in initial classes, so the classmates were envy to me. It was more difficult for me on the contrary: someone learned a role of two sentences, and I did on four papers..
 Was it your choice or whether a strong desire of parents to be an excellent student?
– Of course, my mother wanted it strongly in the first five classes it was her will.  And then I wanted already. It was a shame to me to receive lower than tens.
 Tell me, how did you have such an unexpected image, somewhere even fantastic?
– You noticed correctly, a fantastic image. The only thing that it is not an image, I am really like this. I trust in fairy tales and miracles.
 Do you have conflicts and scandals with colleagues sometimes or rather often? Aren’t you afraid to spoil a relationship easily?
– There are no friends in show business, honestly. Nobody is friendly or does communicate with anybody. And if someone claims that there is a friendship in show business, then it is false and bald lie. Actually, nobody is on friendly terms with anybody.
 What does inspire you?
– Most of all love, love.
 What is your favourite season?
– Spring.  Though, I also love all seasons, in spring the temperature is ideal for me. It is possible to wear comfortable and stylish outfits.
 You are a singer, a composer, and also a TV host now. But any multilateral person associates himself with a certain role. From the three aspects of your activity, you first of all are….
– First of all, I am an actor of a scene.
 What historical era is closer to you?
– I like our XXI century, there are a lot of interesting, different technologies, devices.
Some people associate themselves with characters from literature or just outstanding persons. For example, someone considers himself to be a Yesenin's reincarnation and someone sees Eugene Onegin in himself. Have you  ever had similar feeling in your life? Who was that someone, if yes?
– Probably, Tutankhamun.
 If you could get to any time and meet any person, who will be that someone and what would you ask?
– I would move, for example in 2043 and I would make an acquaintance with someone who plays a lottery. I would learn all advantageous numbers, return in due time, win a lot of money and invest them in creativity. Or, for example, I would return to the beginning of the 2000 when the Ukrainian show business was not created yet and it was much easier to promote. So, I would be much more ahead already.
 What are the  qualities that you appreciate the most in people? What is the ideal girl for you?
– The most important qualities for me are sincerity, kindness, honesty. Besides, I like strong people who go towards to their aim. The girl has to resemble me. Then she has to have natural beauty and light eyes, if talk about her appereance. She has to be open, sincere, honest and decent.
What do you appreciate in relationship?
– I am a little mad every time when I start relationship. I give all of me to the person, I devote all the songs to her, I give a lot of everything. I want that our relationship was like in the cinema. I am very romantic, I want that my life resembled a movie.
 What is the most often reason why you leave the person?
– There comes a moment when I see that there is no return. And most often, we do not get on together.
 And are you jealous?
– I am an owner in general, I even check phone sometimes. Though, I’m looking for trust but the matter is that sometimes I lightly go off the rails and check it. So I advise to all chidren that are in love: delete sms.
 Whether you believe that each person has a second half?
– I think, it is possible to fall in love many times in your life, but if there is a love then it does not pass over the years. I have an example: my uncle and aunt, they are together for a long time already, more than 40 years. I look at them with admiring envy. 
 Do you have depressions?
– There is such  a phrase: «If you see the future – you will have enough forces to overcome anything in the present», it is some kind of my motto. Many times in my life I endured the difficult moments when there was just a wish to die. But my guardian angel did not allow me to make it. It happened that I was ready to jump off but here came someone’s call or the news which held me. So, I’d like to tell to all the children who have a dream and try to reach it: «You are cool, and you will achieve everything».
Do you have a favourite performer?
– Yes, I like Taylor Swift very much. I listen to her albums with great pleasure, her creativity inspires me.
What do you read now?
– I like modern poetry.
If you wouldn’t begin to be engaged in creativity what profession would you choose?
– The policy is very close to me. My main objective is to change the world to the best. The actor changes life of people to the best, the politician makes the same.
Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis