In the struggle for «Golden Duke-2018»

Golden Duke
11:06, 19 June 2018

Films from 19 countries will compete for «Golden Duke» – the Grand Prix of the IX Odessa International Film Festival.

The press service of the OIFF informed about the films which will compete for the Grand Prix «Golden Duke» and for the other awards of the International Film Competition:
The drama «Styx» by Wolfgang Fischer is about a young ambulance doctor. A woman wants to fulfill her dream, yet thanks to it, changes not only her life but also the lives of many other refugee people whom she meets on her way.
Psychological drama «Tower. A bright day» (Wieża. Jasny dzień) by the Polish filmmaker Yagoda Shelz tells about a usual family drama which turns into a story on the verge of fantasy and reality.
Lyrical film by Ukrainian filmmaker Daria Gaykalova (Dara Gai) «Three and a Half» (Teen Aur Aadha), filmed in conjunction with Indian filmmakers. The film reveals the 50 years long life of one building: at different times there was a school in it and a room in which the young man lived with his paralyzed grandfather. 
At other time there was a brothel, and after all it turns into a cozy family home. The house whispers the secrets of the past to its inhabitants and opens its owners the hidden secrets of its own memory.
A satirical comedy with elements of black humor «Pity» (Oiktos) by Greek filmmaker Babis Makridis tells the story about a 40-year-old man who lives with his son in a home of his family and takes care of his wife in coma. When she unexpectedly regains consciousness, the family life turns into a real farce.
A dramedy of the Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk «Volcano» tells a story of the foreigner Lucas, who is traveling with the OSCE mission to the border with the occupied Crimea and finds himself in a distorted reality, in the house of a local resident named Vova. In these strange places, where every your day may become the last one Lucas gets a chance to start his life from the beginning.
A comedy «Crystal Swan» by Darya Zhuk in which several generations are collided. A young raver Velia, dreaming to immigrate to the United States, is forced to move to a small factory town and that turns her life upside down.
A dramatic thriller «Pororoca» by Romanian filmmaker Constantin Popescu presents to the auditory an intriguing story about a married couple with a perfect life, whose young daughter disappears all of a sudden.
A black comedy «Thunder Road» by Jim Cummings is a story about a policeman who, despite all the unfortunate challenges presented by fate, does everything possible to stay optimistic.
A film about the growing up «Girl» by director Lukas Dhont, is a story about 15-year-old girl, Lara, who chose the path of a professional ballet dancer and must accept her body, although she was born a boy.
A French drama «A Paris Education» (Mes provinciales) by Jean Paul Siveirac is about two young boys who come to the Sorbonne, where they face the challenges of friendship, love, and, most importantly, the art.
A gangster saga «Birds of Passage» (PájarosdeVerano) (Colombia/Denmark) by Colombian filmmakers Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego explores on what is happening when greed, passion and honor intersect. There starts a civil war, in which the life, culture and traditions of ancestors fall at risk.
A co-production of 7 countries – Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar and the UAE – the dramatic comedy «Wajib» with a bitter-sweet aftertaste about the relationship between father and son from director Annemarie Zhasir.
Into the National Competition Program were included five full-length films:
The debut full-length film directed by Tony Noyabreva «The Hero of My Time» is about a young fellow who recently moved to the capital and tried to conquer it.
The world premiere of the documentary «Gogol Doc» by filmmaker Alisa Pavlovskaya about one of the largest art festivals in Eastern Europe.
The documentary film «Delta» by Alexander Techinsky is about people who live in the Danube Delta and earn a living by hard work, but at the same time enjoy every life moment.
The drama «When the trees are falling» is the full-length debut of Maryssya Nikityuk, which was selected for the Panorama Berlinale competition program at the 68th Berlin Film Festival.
The film «Thera» directed by Nikon Romanchenko is about a worker of a confectionery factory named Lyuba, who lives an ordinary life. Her son is in a war zone and does not get in touch, what makes the mother go in search of her son to an unknown territory. 
Also, at the National Competition Program will be shown the 13 short films:
«8 HOURS», directed by Lena Shulika (Ukraine, 2017)
«MIA DONNA», directed by Pavlo Ostrikov (Ukraine, 2018)
«**PARENT DAY», directed by Maria Ponomareva (Ukraine/Netherlands, 2018)
«IN JOY, AND ONLY IN JOY», directed by Marina Roshchina (Ukraine, 2018)
«WEEKEND», directed by Znana Maximenko-Dovigich (Ukraine, 2017)
«KACHELI», directed by Valeria Sochiets (Ukraine, 2018)
«COMMUNICATION», directed by Zhanna Ozirna (Ukraine, 2018)
«HOLDING THE BREATH», directed by Alexey Sobolev (USA/Russia/Ukraine, 2018)
«CROCODILE», directed by Katerina Gornostay (Ukraine, 2018)
«MAGNETIC STORM», directed by Igor Gansky (Ukraine, 2018) 
«ABOUT MARK LUBOVICH TULIPANOV, WHO SPOKE WITH FLOWERS», directed by Dana Kavelina (Ukraine, 2018)
«FIVE MINUTES», directed by Yana Antonets (Ukraine, 2017)
«SHTANGIST», directed by Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk (Ukraine)
Translation: Svetlana Fedoruk