Светлана Тарабарова
10:11, 29 November 2018

What did push Svetlana Tarabarova to show business and why did she say that she would not be able to fall in love with the forty-year-old man?

Svetlana Tarabarova is young but already famous performer. She is happy. She was a soloist of the «Real O» group not so long time ago. Now, she is mainly engaged in solo career. Moreover, she played a leading role in the New Year's musical «Alice in Wonderland». We decided to learn from Svetlana what was the thing that pushed her to show business and why she said that she would not be able to fall in love with the forty-year-old man. Some of her answers really surprised us.
 What was the thing that pushed you to show business?
– I do not consider myself as a person of show business: I am a musician, I’m out of «party». Show business changes people, I do not want it, I want to remain  naive and ordinary child. Therefore, I go very seldom to any action movies unless on the premieres. Though, in spite of the fact that I told about show business, there are a fantastic number of talented people, for example: «Tanok na Maidany Congo», «Pianoboy», «Boombox».
 Where does the inspiration come to you most often?
– The inspiration comes to me from different places, I love the roads. The excellent songs are turned out on the way independently from the vehicle: train, plane, subway. I often went to the subway earlier. I even have a subway song, it will be included into a new album.
 I’ve heard, you played a leading role in the New Year's musical «Alice in Wonderland». And what character is the most pleasant from all in this fairy tale?
– Yes, I consider this project was fatal for me. First, I madly love this fairy tale, secondly, Alice is very close to me: she watches through a prism of children's eyes during all life. As well as it seems to me that when Lewis Carroll wrote this fairy tale, he also described the little girl, but not a small one. She is too clever, she has adult reflections. I think, her years are 25-26. Besides, fairy tales are unusual. Usually in fairy tales is a one main character, the others minor, and here it is possible to write separately about each hero of fairy tale. Each hero is a hit.
 What feature of your character do you consider the strongest?
– Persistence.
 You told In one of the interviews that you will hardly be able to fall in love with the forty-year-old man. That is, as far as I understand, in your case, love is not obedient to all ages?
– It was long ago. I change every day, and my views change too. Now I have no barriers. The matter is that earlier I sang in female collective, and there was special attention of mature men to us. It strained me, they like tried to play a game and I did not want to be a food. And I had an association: the mature man has only sex interests. Actually, it is not like this, the reason is not in the age. There are no barriers in love
 And how is the love shown for you in general?
– In disinterestedness. Love is always gratuitous: you are ready to wait for nothing in exchange. However, for me the love is not only a relationship between the man and the woman, for me love is in everything. 
 What do you appreciate in a relationship?
– I appreciate respect. If there is no respect, there is no relationship.
 What will you not be able to forgive to other person?
– I will be able to forgive everything. If I do not forgive him, it will destroy me.
 What are the qualities that you don’t accept in people most of all?
– It’s weakness because the weakness generates all other negative traits of character: hatred, rage, envy. Only persons of no character can envy or hate.
 What is happiness for you?
– Earlier I thought that happiness includes many factors: health, success, family. I understood since recent time that we can be happy every day because of the circumstances. Happiness is here and now. We should not live in the afternoon. Happiness for me is  today and here if I am all right now. I try to speak to myself  every day. I could remember it for the most part of my life.
What is on the first place for you in your list of vital priorities?
– Family and music. I cannot tell that if I have a career and there will be no family, or on the contrary – there will be a family and there will be no career, then I will be happy. For me happiness should combine everything.
Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis