Светлана Тарабарова
10:11, 29 November 2018

«A light concert» of Svetlana Tarabarovatook took place in Odessa recently.

What did inspire you to open a brand of clothes?

– I dreamt of it from my childhood. I invented all the suits for my performances and I draw them. It is one of my hobbies. 

There is a «sign row amulet» on each thing from your brand, as far as I know. Tell me, how did appear this idea of creation of such «rows»?

There are some kind of «messages» in my songs and one day I thought: «Why I don't fix them together and create "a row amulet"»?  All of us need some kind of «messages». «The row amulet» is some kind of tattoo not on a body but on the clothes which does not spoil skin and which can be changed at any time. However, it is not the only «counter» of your brand…

– Yes, there is one more. Our brand is a designer brand, the person himself chooses a basis, to make a jacket or a shirt from it and also he chooses «a row amulet» himself. Thus, the buyer receives a unique thing which he creates by himself.  Probably Svetlana Tarabarova will be known not only as the performer but also as the designer, soon…

– The clothes are more likely a hobby. Even when I think out of clothes, I’m thinking about the sound of music. Each outfit that was created by me has a connection to some song.

Where is it possible to order these things? 

– There is an online shop «Sv_tlo in Tob _».

Some scientists claim that there is the most suitable time of a day to work considering the biorhythms. So, when is the most likely time for you to work?

– I think, that the thing is not in the exact hours of a day, I prefer personally to work when I’m alone. I feel very beautifully and l write well with myself. Besides, there are a lot of songs and verses in general that I wrote when I walked. I like to walk around the city.

What is your opinion about the rest…

– There are billion of children around who do plain simple things. It is easy with children: they do not think what people around will think of them. Therefore, if I gather with the big company, it is more interesting to have fun with children for me in the children's room. Children are ordinary, open and sincere. I study a lot from them. 

And, finally give some wishes to the readers of «Response» …

– I wish the piece in your soul. Because everything begins with the piece inside of you: as soon as you agree with yourself, everything will fall into place around, it will develop as a puzzle. Trust!

Author: Anastasia Holdakovskaya
Translator: Annette Fleur de Lis